Retain Lipstick

6 Useful Tips to Retain Lipstick Throughout the Day

Retaining lip color is a difficult task indeed for the ladies and therefore they often wonder how to prevent the fading of lip color midway through the day. Re-applying it several times a day harms your lips. So, worry not.

Given here are certain tips using which your lip color stays on all through the day and your lips remain protected.

Apply Moisturizer Over Your Lips:

Apply a good moisturizer over your lips before putting on lipstick. By doing so you would be able to put your lip color much more effectively. Also, as your lips would be already moist, they would not draw moisturizer from your lip and the color would last much longer.

Color Your Lips With Lip-liner First:

Outlining your lips with lip liner is no longer in vogue. But, still you can make use of it to prevent your lip color from wearing off. You should try filling your whole lip with the shade of your favorite choice and only after that you should apply lip color. This way, even if your lip colors get faded, you will still have graceful color on the lips.

Use Foundation as a Base:

You should start with the foundation. This is a great way to make your lip color stay on for a long time. In fact, all the makeup artists use facial foundation on the lips to make the lip color lasts longer. So, prior to applying lipstick, apply foundation over your lips.

You can try a Primer:

If this option seems affordable to you, you can go for it. This lip care product is meant for making your lip color lasts longer. So, put it on your lips and moisturize them. It also acts as a lip base. By doing so, your color stays on for a long period.

Seal Your Lip Color With Powder:

To get a satisfactory result, you should make use of powder. So, it is good to seal them with powder first before applying lipstick. It also helps keeping your lip color from fading away.

Try Using Double Coats of Color:

You should try two coats of lip color. By doing so, the color will last for a long time and will have more depth. After the first coat of the lipstick, you should use a piece of tissue and blot your lips. After that, you should apply the next coat. If you do so, your lip color would not fade out easily. Complete the process of coloring your lips with lip gloss on the top.

Last but not the least, apply ice cubes over lips before applying any makeup. This will close the pores of your lips and they would remain unaffected by the chemical-laden cosmetics.