Red Wine for Hair

Unexpected Benefits of Red Wine for Hair!

Benefits of your favorite red wine are often talked about, but not many people know that it is a boon for beauty also. Some people are apprehensive about its benefits and raise their brows about the benefits of red wine both for beauty and health.

So, let us talk about the benefits of red wine for hair in detail.

Where Does the Red Wine Come From?

A variety of dark grapes are used for the manufacturing of red wine, dark purple, blue and red. During the manufacturing process, the skin of the grapes is kept intact, along with its juice. When both skin and juice of the fruits are fermented together, a dark color is obtained. The quality of red wine depends on the flavor, color and age of the grapes used for manufacturing.

Beauty Benefits of Red Wine For Hair and Skin:

If you consume red wine in a moderate quantity daily, you are doing a favor to your health as it is anti-aging and good for your health beauty upkeep. But, if you are teetotaler, then you can consider applying it externally to get the type of hair you always dream about.

It is an Excellent Hair Conditioner:

Forget about egg white and honey, which you have been using of late to keep your hair well nourished and for a change start using red wine. You will be pleasantly surprised! You do not have to prepare the hair mask and deal with the awful smell of egg, all you need to do is to just wash and condition your hair with red wine and shampoo. Also, use it for the final rinse and see the bouncy, healthy and gorgeous hair in no time.

Prevents Your Hair Against UV Rays:

Going out in the sun without any protection for your hair causes an undue damage to your hair. To prevent your hair from turning dry, dull and frizzy, start rinsing your hair with red wine on a regular basis.

Prevent Loss of Hair:

If you suffer from hair loss, switch to the red wine for remedy. Resveratrol is the main ingredient of the red wine which reduces the formation of dead cells and also prevents their inflammation. This in turn reduces hair fall and promotes the growth of healthy hair follicles.

Prevents Aging of Your Hair:

Red wine is extremely rich in bioflavonoids and thus it helps in the growth of keratin and prevents the degradation of this hair protein. Not only this, the other antioxidants present in the red wine prevent the aging of your hair.

Prevents Dandruff:

Dandruff is a commonly dealt hair issue. This irritating hair problem can lead to the flaking and itching of the hair scalp. Drinking a glass of red wine on a regular basis can increase the flow of blood to hair scalp which strengthens the blood vessels and eliminates the chances of dandruff.

Rejuvenates the Dull and Damaged Hair:

This is so because the red wine contains a lot of antioxidants, which can repair the dull and damaged hair. If your hair becomes frizzy often and you have a hard time dealing with them, then applying red wine is the right solution for you. It stimulates natural hair growth

How to Apply Red Wine on Hair?

Treatment of dandruff is considered to be one of the best benefits of red wine for the hair. You need to dilute red wine with water and apply it thoroughly all over your scalp. Be very cautious to avoid any contact of the mixture with your eyes. Now, cover your head carefully and leave it for half an hour. Rinse your hair with warm water and use an herbal shampoo. In case, you feel that your scalp is irritating, you need to rinse off the red wine immediately and consider spraying your hair with dilute red wine.

Other Benefits of Red Wine:

Apart from protecting and nourishing your hair, red wine has plenty of other benefits also. Let us have a quick look:

Protects Your Heart and Boosts Your Brain Power:

Being excessively rich in antioxidants, red wine protects the heart and brain from the damage done by free radicals.

It is Anti-aging and Helps You Live Longer:

It is due to a compound called Resveratol found in the red wine. Slowing down the aging process is possible when you take care and prevent yourself from the damage of free radicals. As per a recent study conducted, consuming a glass or two of red wine slows down your or even reverse the aging process.

Red wine prevents tooth decay, fights the cancerous cells, and gives you a glowing skin. Benefits of Red wine for hair are already discussed.