Permanent Hair Removal

All That You Do Not Know About Permanent Hair Removal by LASER

Silky, smooth and hairless skin makes you look awesome. But to remove unwanted hair has been one of the areas of the fair sex. Hair keeps coming back and sometimes denser and blacker.

Shaving and waxing have bagful of side issues that can make your woes worse. What is the way out then? You remain apprehensive about whether you should go for permanent hair reduction using LASER or not. Is the method safer and works for bikini area hair removal? Would the results last or not? Let us know this right from the Horse’s mouth. SIH offers the advice of its expert team member, a renowned dermatologist and a LASER expert, Dr. R.P. Pandey who owns his LASER Hair removal clinic called Medisculp in Lucknow.

Why Shaving and Waxing Is Not Advisable?

Apart from causing razor burns, shaving leads to the appearance of ingrown hair. The results are temporary and your skin texture becomes rougher over the time. Waxing is a painful procedure which can cause folliculitis (infection of hair follicle). Hair follicle is a tiny pouch from where hair grows. If seen in an aggregate, waxing costs you more than LASER hair removal and gives you temporary results.

What You Do Not Know About LASER Hair Removal:

Permanent hair reduction should not be confused with permanent removal of hair. There is no permanency for all of your hair. It takes complete 8-10 sessions for Bikini area hair removal and you may or may not find an expected result. In some cases, there is a re-growth of a few dormant hair follicles. This is either because of genetics or hormonal influence. If such would be case with you, you need touch-up sessions which results in maintaining a completely hair-free skin.

Also, if you have a fair skin and black color you are the best candidate for Laser hair removal. Being fair means lesser you have lesser melanin in the skin cells and more in the hair roots. Hence, the maximum energy gets absorbed by the hair root and the skin gets the least chances of suffering any burnt.

Lasers Used for Hair Reduction:

The most commonly used LASERS for hair reduction are Alexandrite diode, Neodymium YAG and intense pulsed light.

Bikini area hair removal is absolutely safe for even the adolescents but they need the consent of their parents before undergoing this procedure.

How Hair Are Removed Using LASER?

Here is a complete procedure that most of the people are inquisitive about. The procedure makes use highly concentrated beam of light that is designed to selectively penetrate into the hair follicle to destroy melanin containing tissues of the root. To understand the working of LASER one should know the basics of it. But to make comprehensive the concept of LASER light to a common man, a color specific light full of energy rays targets black or dark brown color of the hair root structure.

Owing to the intense amount of heat, the pigmenting tissue which contains melanin gets destroyed. This results in follicular unit destruction and you get a completely hair free area. With the advancement of technology, the side effects of hair removal have reduced to the barest minimum. Repeated sessions are recommended for those who want the perfect results.

To determine how many sessions you would require cannot be predicted. There are certain females get the results which last for the life time while some require maintenance at a regular interval.

Pre-treatment Precautions for Bikini Area Hair Removal:

For bikini area or for the permanent removal of hair from any area you need to take these precautions.

  • Avoid hair removing and bleaching creams 2-3 weeks prior to the first treatment session.
  • Do not use plucking, waxing, threading etc. at least one month before you go for a session.
  • Do not use peeling or any exfoliating treatment. If any such hair removal need arises you can cut or shave your hair in between the sessions.
After Treatment:
  • You can expect to see a little redness or bumpiness in the treated for a day or two after the first session.
  • You should avoid wearing fitted or body hugging clothes for the next few days as it may cause irritation.
  • You should apply soothing gel aloe-Vera gel mixed with antibiotic for a few days on the treated areas.
  • Avoid using hot water bath, shower, sauna and Jacuzzi after treatment for a few days.
  • Swimming in the chlorinated water can irritate the affected area.
  • Avoid using perfumes, scents or any other scenting products on the area for the next few days of the treatment.

Most of the commonly treated areas are face, side locks, upper lips, chin, forehead, axillaries areas like underarms and pubic hairs, upper and lower extremities. Contrary to the common belief, bikini area hair removal is safer. 70-85% of hair shows remarkable reduction and growth gets stalled over a certain period of time that requires 5-10 sittings. Maintenance sessions are required for a few. It takes total 20-30 minutes to get the hair removed from the bikini area.

A Word of Caution:

Though LASER hair removal gives permanent results but you should be very careful to get it done by an experienced doctor only because if not properly there can be a lot of side effects. The possible side effects are burns, scarring, blisters and post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. Bikini area hair removal is a common hair removal procedure these days provided you get it done with an expert and take all the above mentioned precautions.