Look Beautiful Everyday

Secrets of How to Look Beautiful Everyday Revealed!

It is believed that the beauty of women reigns the world. Like your role models, you also try to look slimmer, prettier and wish that your imperfections can be concealed. How about catching the sight of passers by and get noticed! If how to look beautiful everyday remains in your mind..

revealed here are a few secrets for you.

A perfect fair toned skin, a well-toned body, beautiful hands and feet and an adorable smile. You can get all these things if you start taking care of yourself. Here’s how:

How to Get a Perfect Skin Without Flaws?

A perfect skin care needs three important things. Regular cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliation (removing the dead cells from the skin). Following a complete skin care regime using natural skin care product is the best thing you can do.

Cleansing your face everyday:

Parabens are harmful for your skin. Instead of using cleansers laden with parabens and other harmful chemicals, prepare a natural cleanser at home and clean your face daily before going to bed.

Mix a tbsp of pure organic honey with a few drops of lime juice. The antibacterial property of honey clears your skin thoroughly and the Vitamin C of the lime juice will bleach your skin, giving you a fair skin tone. The enzymes contained in honey slows down aging and keep it soft and supple.

A deeply cleansed skin is the top secret of how to look beautiful everyday.

Moisturizing your face everyday:

Keep your skin well-hydrated to make it soft, supple and young-looking. Prepare homemade moisturizers and use them to nourish your skin deeply. Your skin needs a massage of olive/almond oil twice a day. Massage your face after cleansing twice a day with lukewarm coconut, olive or almond oil once before going to bed and in the morning. Cleanse your skin before doing so and remove the oil after a couple of hours when it is fully absorbed.

Aloe-vera is a wonderful herb that hydrates your skin deeply and keep it supple. Take out the gel of aloe-vera from its succulent leaves and apply it all over.

Exfoliation is needed once in a week:

Your skin needs to be get rid of the dead cells on a regular basis. Use a homemade scrub to remove them once a week.

Mix oatmeal/whole wheat flour with a tbsp of honey and rose water to make a viscous paste. Apply this paste all over your face, once it is dried, try to remove it slowly with moist hands and wash your face thoroughly using lukewarm water. Vitamin B and fiber rich oatmeal nourish your skin and scrub it gently.

Stop Doing These Skin Blunders:
  • Lime juice bleaches your skin, but apply it only in the night. Apply it and going out in the sun will tan your skin as lemon is photosensitive.
  • Do not wash your face more than thrice a day. Washing your face frequently rips off natural oils of your skin, making it rough and dry. Hydrate your skin immediately after washing the face.
  • Egg white has all the enzymes and the proteins that a healthy skin needs. Apply it over your skin makes it ageless and soft. But, do not talk while applying it on your face. Indeed, talking or smiling should be avoided when you have put on any face mask because doing so would cause fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

Most important of all, flush the toxins out of your body and never go out in the sun without a proper protection. A direct exposure to the sun makes you skin age ten times faster.

How to Get Beautiful Hands and Feet?

Your hands are the second thing to get noticed and age faster than your face. A regular care will keep them beautiful. Do manicure and pedicure once a week and follow all the skin care regime that you do for your face.

How to Get an Adorable Smile to Look Charming?

Make yourself look gorgeous by wearing a smile that people adore. Carry yourself with confidence and put on the clothes and accessories in vogue.

How to Remain Slim?

To remain slim you need to work out for at least 30 minutes a day and take a proper care of what you eat and when

How to look beautiful everyday is the concern of everyone. How you carry yourself, your confidence, your behavior, etc. comes next. The first thing that catches sight is your appearance so take a proper care of yourself.