Gorgeous Hair

5 Easy to Make Hair Masks At Home That Give You Gorgeous Hair

Imagine silky, shiny and absolutely gorgeous hair that can envy those who look at them! Now come down to the reality and see your falling, damaged and lifeless hair. You are hopeless and have accepted that your hair would keep on spoiling your beauty? Do not worry!

Falling, graying and lifeless hair are becoming common problems because most of the people like you tend to neglect them. With the help of all natural hair masks made in home, you can infuse a new life in your damaged here. Say good bye to your hair-woes and make them look healthier than ever.

Why Protein is Necessary for Your Hair?

Before discussing the important hair mask that can be savior to your hair, you need to know why protein is utterly useful to your hair. Almost 80% of your hair is made up of protein called Keratin that is polypeptide chains and amino acids joined together. Start with taking a lot of protein in diet and give your treatment of egg mask at least once a week to fulfill the protein requirement of your hair.

To ensure healthy hair that bounce and shine with health, that look and feel great you need to protect them from the harsh summer. As your skin, your hair also needs a routine cleansing hydrating and treatment.

Milk and Honey Hair Masks:

Have you ever applied a deep conditioning mask which can infuse a new life in your hair? Preparing is as simple as it gets. Mix a tbsp of honey into milk and apply the same. Keep this mixture slightly warm for better absorption. Try this for a week to get your damaged hair repaired with ease. Milk is one of the richest sources of proteins that your hair best absorbs. Honey is a naturally occurring moisturizer that can be a good and credible source of hydration.

Egg Yolk and Cognac:

Fabulous hair needs a great hair. This is known to you. What you do not know is the fact that egg yolk is actually way better than the egg-white for your hair because it contains 80% of eggs’ nutrition. If you throw it while applying it onto your hair just because it smells awful. Stop doing this! Mix a few drops of lemon juice to cut down on the smell and a tbsp of cognac (a variety of brandy that is obtained after double distillation. Apply this liberally onto your hair and rinse after 20 minutes to get sure shot bounce. You do not need apply conditioner after that.

Olive Oil and Lemon Juice:

If you have dry and lifeless hair, prepare a mixture of two teaspoonfuls of olive oil and 2 two teaspoonfuls of lemon juice, apply this onto your damp hair for 20 minutes. Being excessively rich in Vitamin E, olive oil is one of the best oils for your hair.

Just Red Wine:

Like your body goes gala after having it, your hair also feels blessed after its application. Beer contains the antioxidants that keep your hair young always. It prevents the formation of dead cell build up, prevent whitening of hair by promoting the growth of hair protein called keratin and repair the damaged hair. You just need to rinse your hair thoroughly with red wine after shampooing your hair. Please ensure that it gets absorbed onto your hair scalp well.

Banana and Almond oil:

This summer make sure to bring banana along with the seasonal fruits for your hair’s sake. Being extremely rich in potassium, banana stops hair fall and give your hair the kind of nourishment it needs. Take one ripe banana, mash it thoroughly and mix a tbsp of almond oil. Apply this mixture thoroughly on your hair and then in layers onto our hair strands. Let it get absorbed for 20 minutes! Rinse off to get the blessed hair that bounce with health.

How to Apply Hair Masks For Best Results?

Most of the people know what to apply but they do not know how to apply it to get the best results…here’s how:

When you are undergoing hair beauty treatment at home try doing these:

  • Your hair should be damp not dripping at the time of applying masks.
  • Apply a thick layer of the face mask and apart from applying it on your hair scalp, apply it on your hair strands also.
  • If you have thin and oily hair, you need to apply the hair mask to the ends or an inch below the roots.
  • People with thick, damaged and dry hair should apply the conditioner evenly all over the head from root to tip.
  • If you have excessively thick hair, it can be a real challenge. If you want to apply it evenly, you need to put the conditioning treatment on layers so that it can reach all the sections of your head. You need to make three pieces and then apply the mask evenly to these pieces.
  • Once you have applied the treatment, you just need to wrap your hair with a shower cap. You can wrap a warm and damp towel around your plastic wrap. This will give your hair the right kind of heat they need. Leave the conditioner for half an hour and give it enough time to get soaked. Wash off.

Let us see how these ingredients help your hair and are best considerations for the hair masks.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Hydrates your hair and it is one of the best conditioner and a hair care. It has long been used for the hair care beauty. It rejuvenates the dry, damaged and lifeless hair.

Milk: It softens your hair and makes them grow.

Lemon: It is a naturally occurring astringent. It closes the pores of your scalp and helps you get rid of excessive oils. Use a diluted form because it bleaches your hair.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil is one of the best considerations for hair masks at home. It is an excellent conditioner that makes your hair soft and lustrous.

Always remember not to go out in sun without proper protection for your hair.