Glowing Skin Secrets

7 Little Known Glowing Skin Secrets That Are Natural Botox

Saying good bye to the fine lines naturally is one of the biggest respites of an aging skin. Dark spots, saggy eyes and lines around your eyes are the signs that indicate you are on the verge of losing your youth. If the rising years to your life scare you and you want to go stress free, choose to age gracefully!

Unleashed here are the top 7 secrets of glowing skin that help you retaining youthful looks for a long time.

Secret 1:

As you begin to age your skin loses the natural collagen which is protein found in connective tissue as the result of which skin begins to sag and age. Try having as much Vitamin C as you can. It promotes the production of collagen and restores the plumpness and firmness. Citrus fruits, lemons, red peppers and guavas have the highest amount of Vitamin C. You can consider applying freshly squeezed lemon juice on the areas around your eyes and massage. This is one area which shows the first sign of aging.

Secret 2:

Coconut oil is the best naturally occurring Botox. The long chain fatty acids and the enzymes contained in this deeply nourishing oil strengthen the connective tissues lying beneath the skin and give you a longer youth. Just apply coconut oil all over your face, hands and exposed areas in the morning and massage well. Other than that, drink a tbsp of coconut oil the first thing in the morning to revive your youth.

Secret 3:

Restylane is most commonly used for restoring the lip volume. This is injectable and contains hyaluronic acid which soothes the fine lines around the jaw and chin. Instead of going this ultra-expensive and painful treatment you can choose a natural way and can save yourself from the pain itching and discoloration as well. Take some amount of cinnamon powder and a few drops of peppermint oil to it. This will give you a mild tingling sensation but will have the same impact as hyaluronic acid has. Try this just before you are going to sleep.

Secret 4:

Yes! The dead skin build up gives you dull skin and make you age faster. To get rid of this people undergo microdermabrasion which is an exfoliating treatment that targets the scars. It involves the application of Aluminum oxide to the skin with the various degrees of pressure. The process is uncomfortable, painful and not recommended for the people with sensitive skin.

Secret 5:

There is a natural alternative to this which is also one of the most useful tips of glowing skin. Use sugar (preferably brown). You can take control of the pressure which you need to apply. Splash your face with warm water and scrub your face using this facial mask. With gentle circular strokes, massage your face including lips for a minute. Rinse off with cold water and pat dry. A soft, clear and glowing skin will be revealed.

Secret 6:

Japanese stay young and radiant for a long time. There is secret behind their youthful look even after 40s and 50s. Yes! They use rice mask. You can do this as well at home. Even washing your face with rice water helps. Rice is a rich source of linoleic acids and squalene which are powerful antioxidants and boost the production of collagen. Squalene can protect your skin from the damage of Ultra violet rays and strengthens the connective tissue as the result of which your wrinkles are kept at bay.

Make a rice face mask using the water of boiled rice, crushed rice flour, milk and honey to rejuvenate your skin.

Secret 7:

Nourish your tender and most vulnerable under eye areas with olive oil. The oil made from the olives available in the Mediterranean region is no lesser than a boon to your skin. When the first under eye aging signs begin to appear, you should switch to the daily application of warm olive oil before going to the bed. With the help of a cotton swab, apply the warm oil mixed with lemon juice around your eyes and all over the face. Being immensely rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E olive oil deeply nourishes and hydrates your skin. Make sure to use it to retain a young and beautiful skin.

Most important and hugely recommended anti ageing secret is taking a lot of water as much as you can. It flushes the toxins out of your body and a cleansed body does not tend to age. Make it a habit to drink plenty of it especially in the first half of the day. 300 ml of water should be taken at the beginning of the day. Begin your day with warm lemon water and end up in doing the same. Keeping your system cleansed is a key to restore the youth.

The second most important thing is to keep your skin well-hydrated always and to sleep 7-8 hours without interruption. Your skin repairs and gets healed when you sleep and this is the reason why bed time is the most important time for skin beauty care. Cleanse it and hydrate it before you go to bed!!