Hair Care Tips

Quick Tips to Get Shiny and Gorgeous Hair

You love your hair because they make you look great. Right? But, like your skin and body what special you do for them? Most of the people become negligent when it comes to haircare.

If you too are one of them, then you would be disappointed to get dull and lifeless hair. Damaged hair that are not properly cared are likely to fall. If you want beautiful long hair that shine with health, try these tips.

  • Never brush the wet hair: It will likely to stretch your hair and lead to their damage. Use a wide-tooth comb when they are dried and always use a home-made conditioner (egg white+lemon) when they are wet.
  • Never rinse your hair with warm water: Always use cold water for rinsing your hair. Cold water seals the cuticle of your hair, which in turn make your hair look shiny.
  • Wash your hair twice a week: Not more and no lesser than this. If you wash more than this, it will rob the natural moisture of your hair and make them rough. If you wash lesser than this, it will clog the pores of hair roots with dirt.
  • Apply the paste of mustard seeds: Do this daily to strengthen your hair roots. If your hair lack luster they need a proper nourishment. Mustard seeds are the best for your hair and so is the mustard oil. Soak some mustard seeds in water and grind them paste using that water. Apply it and rinse off when dried.
  • Mix egg white with your hair oil: How often you oil your hair? Make it a habit to do this twice a week. Use pure coconut, olive or mustard oil and warm them oil before applying it. This will help the oil penetrate well inside the hair root. Rinse off your hair after 2 hours.
  • Comb more often: Combing your hair more often will help improving blood circulation to the hair root tips. Use a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair and do it often.
  • Cover your hair when you go out: Try to protect your hair from the sun as it causes excessive damage to your hair.
  • Do not use too many pins and do not tie them tight: Styling your hair is good, but in your bid to make your hair look good, you are damaging them. Neither use too many pins nor tie them tight. This will put a strain your hair and damage them.
  • Avoid using any heating tools: You should never use any heating tool to get your hair dried. Also, wrapping them in the towel when they are thoroughly wet, damages them. Just pat them dry with a towel and leave them open to get dried naturally.
  • Apply henna once a week: Mix it with honey and egg white. Undoubtedly, henna is the best conditioner for your hair.
  • Refrain from brushing hair when wet: It will stretch your hair and lead to damage. Use a wide toothed comb when applying conditioner and when combing hair wet.

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