Beauty Benefits of Ice

Ice Ice Baby! Explore the Amazing Beauty Benefits of Ice

So far you have used ice cubes to cool your drinks and smoothies. Don’t you? But, you would be pleasantly surprised if I say that an ice cube has multiple beauty benefits. Indeed, it is equivalent to a temporary Botox that firms your skin and make it glow.

Give your curiosity a complete halt and find out the benefits of ice cube.

Use it for a Healthy Glow:

Rubbing ice cubes on your face improves its blood circulation and makes your skin glow. If you are in a hurry to go out just rub ice cubes and you will get an instant glow. It is believed that rubbing ice cubes prevent pre-mature aging and appearance of wrinkles are delayed. Ice cubes closes your skin pores temporarily, you can consider rubbing them over your lips before applying lip color so that its chemicals won’t harm your lips. Also, if you apply ice cubes before the make up, it will last longer.

Sun Tanned? Try Ice Cubes:

Ice has a cooling and soothing effected and this is the reason why ice cubes soothe the skin tanned by the sunburn. Just apply ice cubes on the sun burnt areas. Doing so on a regular basis will restore your original color.

Cures Dark Circles and Eye Bags:

To soothe your tired, puffy eyes and dark circles, just rub ice cubes wrapped in a soft muslin cloth. You can also consider freezing cucumber juice or green tea and apply it around your eyes. Doing so regularly will make your dark circles vanish in a week.

Get Rid of Acne and Leisons:

Ice cubes are the easiest way to get rid of acne. If you have acne or any red lesion for that matter, you should apply ice cubes on your face daily and the ugly looking will disappear in a week.

For Getting Rid of Oily Skin:

If your skin secrets excessive oil, then try applying ice cubes over your face daily. Your large sized skin pores will be reduced. Not only this, the production of excessive oil from your skin will also be reduced and you will be

A Word of Caution:

Though the benefits of ice cubes are hard to overlook. You can use them to rejuvenate your skin and get a great glowing look instantly. But never apply ice cubes directly on your face. Wrap them in a muslin cloth before rubbing over your face. Direct application of ice cubes over your face may break the vulnerable capillaries beneath your skin.